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To pass from prototype to industrial product

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Continuity of Boxer Design, Boxer Motors is a structure dedicated to industrialization of vehicles projects.
This capacity has been illustrated by the 2001 VB1 super sport bike brought from prototype to production bike distributed in a dealer network. All have been internally managed as: Sourcing, quality process settling, E.C.homologation, assembly lines building, specialised collaborators hiring, tooling development, bench testing … and assembly.

Boxer Motors offers complete solution even starting by a pre-study to fix planning and investments to evaluate such sub-contracted project (a complete pool of partner could be involved to take in charge a complete externalised production).
Boxer motors is also offering prototype duplication or small pre-serial production (ex: 100 units) with different optional work packages such as press material or testing sessions.

Boxer is approved by UTAC, CNRV and French Ministry of Transportation as a motorcycle manufacturer and is currently proceeding E.C. homologation with IDIADA.

Key words

Homologation, assembly lines, sourcing, BOM management, RFQ launching, OS review, assembly review, parts durability program, vehicle durability program, tooling & moulds development, plan test, RAMS, qualification tests...