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Established in Toulouse (south of France),Boxer Designgathers more than 25 years experiencing the motorcycle market. Focussed on high performance and innovation Boxer was already offering small seriesof “dream bikes” in the early 80’s (Home madeframe and bodywork with Japanese motors such as the Vector, Sensor, Lamborghini design). Also involved in motorcycle distribution during 20 years, Boxer was keen on market trends and final customers attempts. This point is helpful to be able to conduct vehicle development project respecting industrial  feasibility and costing targets.

Solicited by manufacturers, that naturally evolved to a more industrial activity, taking into account the specific constraints as a challenge. Since 1999 Boxer design acts as a multi level partner offering engineering at any step of an industrial project. In 2009 Boxer has designed his new 2.000-m2 facilities dedicated to Electric Vehicles.

Key words
Vector 750 GPZ, Sensor VF750, Lamborghini design 1000, Atlantis 1100 ZX, Squale 1500, BA747 GPZ , Ulysse 1000 Tomcat, 999, Spartacus 750 ZXR, Aprilia 654.